Anything and Everything about your Neighbourhood

Get connected to your neighbourhood, municipal & suburb now


Safer & Cleaner Community - Local News, Events & Deals - Neighbourhood Watch


Private Residential Network

Only for Verified Residents 

  • Raise and discuss issues, suggestions and ideas to make your neighbourhood a better place to stay
  • Live updates on emergency security and safety issues
  • Conduct and document online Townhall, Joint Management Body, Residents Association meeting 

Community Network

Public Community 

Want to know more about the neighbourhood you are interested in? Find out more about the food, deals, safety, cleanliness, development, events, news updates and more crowdsourced from the community here.

Communicating with Developers for Projects under Development

Only for Verified Owners

What happens after signing your Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)?

  • Get updates from Developer here
  • Raise questions or issues with your developer
  • Meet your future neighbours and share about your experiences on the project

Neighbourhood Safety and Cleanliness Watch

Making your community well informed and updated on safety & cleanliness issues and news in collaboration with the local authorities.


Safety Alerts and Tips


Safe and Secured Community

Cleaner Environment

Garage Sales, Lend/Borrow, Barter

Organize Garage Sales - Lend or Borrow anything from your Neighbours - Exchange used goods


Offer your preloved items to your Neighbours



Lend, Borrow or Exchange items with your Neighbours

Lost & Found

Neighbourhood Local Businesses

Explore Food, Amenities, Restaurants, Car Workshops, Shops, Bars and Clubs and more around your neighbourhood 


Deals only for Neighbours


Owners: Promote to your potential frequent/loyal customers

Reviews by Neighbours

Recommended Home Services

Check out the home services recommended by your neighbours 


Recommendations by Neighbours


Available at your Neighbourhood

Conveniently assisting you in your house chores

Communication with City/Town Councils, Municipality

Raise & discuss your concerns regarding maintenance of your neighbourhood facilities and infrastructures


Raise and comment on maintenance of public facilities and infrastructures


Surveys of maintenance quality

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Why Batelar?

Acting as your community Butler, we aspire to create 

Empowering a connected, well-informed, interactive and safer Residential Community. 



  • Residential Community Updates at your fingertips
  • Search for Home Services (Cleaning, Home Improvements, etc.) easily
  • Your house/office renovation and interior design needs all in 1 place



Stay On Your Budget

  • Huge resources for interior design, decoration and renovation for you to explore
  • Large network of related industry professionals
  • Tools to help you to plan and stick to your budget

Informed Community and Smarter Homes

Informed Community, Smarter Homes

  • Connected and localized residential community for more interactive communications and announcements
  • Control Panel for your Home Applications

Made for you and your neighbours

Batelar is for you


Interior Designer

Interior Designers

  • Search for project leads/ opportunities posted by potential clients and customers
  • Showcase your portfolio and experiences
  • Expand your professional network


Home Owners

Home Owners/ Landlord

  • Residential Community updates at your fingertips. 
  • Pay/Collect your rent/management fees online
  • Your house/office renovation and interior design needs all in 1 place




  • Look for properties for rent within a particular area easily
  • Easy and convenient online tenancy management (coming soon)
  • more home and living information and residential community updates


Residence Association

Residence Associations

  • Property and Community Management System
  • Communicate with your residents effectively
  • Central Portal for managing all residence related issues


Renovation Contractors

Renovation Contractors

  • Search for project requests by potential clients
  • Connect with construction, decoration and renovation professionals, vendors and suppliers


Property Managers

Property Managers

  • Convenience and Flexibility to manage your commercial/residential properties
  • Collect your rent/management fees online
  • Connect to your clients, residents and tenants effectively


Town Council

Town Councils

  • Collect complaints, suggestions, feedback from residents and public users
  • Publish and communicate news, events and updates to targeted communities


Event Organizers

Event Organizers

  • Targeted communities for your advertisements of activities & events
  • Perfect avenue to push for your community-driven events


Home and Living Merchants

Home & Living Merchants

  • Marketplace for Home & Living goods, furnitures, groceries etc.
  • Advertising and Branding platform for targeted geographical residences or offices


Property Agents

Property Agents

  • Promote and advertise your services to targeted residential and commercial communities
  • Connect with localized property professional networks



Charity Organizations

  • Work with us to promote & communicate your events and activities to the local communities.
  • Collect donation online transparently and effectively (coming soon)


Property Developers

Property Developers

  • Connect with potential buyers effectively
  • Promote your projects to targeted communities
  • Showcase your portfolio and experiences, engage with local residences


Home Services Providers

Home Services Providers

  • Reach out to your potential customers
  • Showcase your products and services (e.g. home cleaning, pest control, gas delivery, piping etc.)




  • Networks of local residential and commercial for targeted advertisements
  • Various channels to reach out to your potential customers


Maid Services

Maid Agencies

  • Advertise your maid services to targeted local communities
  • Home Maid Solutions - managing communication with your clients and customers effectively (coming soon)


Feng Shui Consultants

Feng Shui Consultants

  • Promote and advertise your products and services to targeted communities


Smart Home Providers

Smart Home Providers

  • Promote and advertise your products and services to targeted communities
  • Connect with residential communities directly via various channels available