We are passionate about making our neighbourhoods and cities smarter. Batelar strives to digitalize and improve the communication, management and execution of the operations and issues related to your house, neighbourhood, cities and towns.

Neighbourhood Network

Residents Association, Joint Management Body, Management Committee, Residents - Distribute news, updates and crucial information amongst residents securely and easily here.

Residential Club

For Residents Only. Receive latest news and updates from local councils, police, utility providers and Ecommerce Online Deals!

Garage Sales Marketplace

Sell your under-utilized or un-used household items to your neighbours. If you have decided to let go of your pre-loved items, you may sell it here too!

Tenancy Management

It's time to manage your tenancy in style and efficiently. Batelar provides a simple way for Tenants and Landlord to communicate and manage issues and requests.

Taking Control of your Property

Have you paid your latest electricity bill? water bill? Are the receipts properly stored in 1 place? Is your Sales and Purchase Agreement of your property safely stored? Batelar can help you on this.